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Iggy was a special hospice dog.  He did not know that he had terminal cancer, he only knew that he loved his people.  Iggy was part of an awesome family who fostered him for the past two years, giving him Aspen and Bear to call his fur brothers, a couch to stretch out on, and a food dish to dance around in a warm and safe home.

The foster family decided they wanted Iggy to remain with them forever.  Susan and Jonathan asked to adopt him, but saddly shortly after that Iggy's health declined rapidly over a two week period. 

On October 17, 2017, Mr Ignatius Von Dogenstein, as he was lovingly nicknamed, was allowed to leave this earth with those that loved him there to see him go.  

Never under estimate the love a human can experience from a terminally ill or senior dog.  Please consider opening up your hearts and home to foster a dog such as Iggy.  We are grateful to Jonathan and Susan for their big hearts in allowing Iggy to be part of their life despite his cancer. 

Our words are inadequate to thank them enough for all they did for this white fur ball.

Please read the heartfelt stories shared by Iggy's foster parents:

From Jonathan and Susan:

Today, Susan and I made the decision to help Ignatius Von Dogenstein over the rainbow bridge. Since his last vet appointment he hadn't been right and today it was obvious he was beginning to struggle. He went peacefully at the vet, with Susan and I by his side.

Iggy was a crazy ball of energy. He injected so much life into our household. And while we had our struggles with him, we loved him very much. I will miss his crazy eyes, the way he played with his toy before dinner. I have to believe he's now running around like a madman chasing a squirrel or whatever else catches his attention. He was an amazing snuggler and an even better alarm system.

Everyone who met him loved him. He had so much floof it was hard not to. He will be greatly missed in this house. I'd like to thank Dr. Hodges and the rest of the staff at Happy Tails Animal Hospital for being so kind. Dr. Hodges cried right along with us.

No more pain rotten Iggy dog. Run hard buddy. We love you and miss you




October 18 near Philadelphia, PA · 

Iggy was so beautiful. His coat would change colors as the seasons changed. Sometimes his stripe would be really visible. He would have loved to spend a day like today outside. 

What's missing the most right now without Iggy is his meal time ritual of playing with the cuz. He was psyched for every meal! Once his brothers were served, he'd follow along as I took his dish from the counter to the floor. He'd sit, wide eyed, and wait to be released to eat. After everyone was done he'd clean up by licking all dishes clean. He was a good boy!

Today's Iggy memory is howling at sirens. Sitting here listening to sirens echo in the valley, his throaty sing along is missed. In his final minutes this past Tuesday he tried to mimic them one last time & managed a little bit before laying his head down again. He was quite the character!





Welcome home Iggy